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About M&D CleanStart

Melissa Shaw has a degree in microbiology and worked as a scientist for many years. Then ten years ago, everything changed drastically. A family illness forced Melissa to give up her career to be more available for her family’s needs. That’s when she began to clean homes. What began as part-time work cleaning one house, quickly turned into 30 homes and a major commitment. Soon after, commercial businesses and construction companies began asking for cleaning quotes, and her business took off!


Melissa and her dedicated teams always deliver the best quality cleaning along with the most dependable service. M&D CleanStart team members have many years of experience cleaning homes, businesses and public spaces.


With the focus these days on cleaner, safer spaces, can you afford to settle for less than the very best cleaning company? You can always trust M&D CleanStart because we guarantee your place will sparkle!

Melissa Shaw, owner of M&D CleanStart.

For a free estimate, or to set up an appointment, call
484-354-5346 or email

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